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Packerland Amateur Skywarn Society

How can I get involved with storm spotting? Weather observing is a serious undertaking, with emphasis on spotter safety, and accurate reporting. In order to ...


Macintosh OS X

Copied from The following text is shamelessly copied from Dana's website. I have followed his directions, ...


Welcome to ARF 's Repeater Map!

I apologize -- these maps are going on 10+ years old, and the networks have changed. As I do not drive around Wisconsin as much anymore, I need some help ...


Xastir Prepare

Prepare for Xastir. Xastir will require some additions and enhancements of your computer before we start downloading, and installing.


NE Wisconsin Amateur Radio Local Nets

While advancements in technology (such as the NEXRAD Doppler Radar) have helped weather forecasters alert the public, the WFO GRB greatly appreciates the ...


Severe Weather Report Criteria

The Weather Forecast Office in Green Bay (WFO GRB) has 22 counties in its County Warning Area (CWA), and it is also responsible for the northwest part of ...


Xastir Downloads

Xastir Downloads. The official Xastir installation instructions have pointers to libraries (extensions) that make Xastir more useful. You are in luck!


Spotter Safety

Storm Spotter Safety is a very important topic -- nature is a most powerful force, and spotters need to immediately identify life-threatening situations.