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LabCamera - Explore to learn

LabCamera allows students and teachers to carry out substantial scientific observations and measurements by using our software and a simple everyday webcam.


Universal Logger - LabCamera - Explore to learn

Log any measurement instrument's data that has a digital, radial-dial, or fluid-based display by „connecting” It to your computer through it's built in ...


FAQ - LabCamera - Explore to learn

LabCamera was built for teachers and students to make teaching and learning STEM related subjects much easier to understand. All the tips and tricks can be ...


For schools and teachers - LabCamera - Explore to learn

Incorporates data from old and obsolete instruments into computer based analysis and learning programs; • Enhances performance of students in natural science ...


Motion Cam - LabCamera

Capture unique and intimate moments of animals and phenomenas around you. The Motion Cam function makes a recording when it detects movement in front of the ...


Graph Challenge - LabCamera - Explore to learn

Understand graphs through a game-like app that follows your moves and compares it to a predefined curve. Select a curve, grab your marker, and hit the play ...


Graph Challenge - LabCamera - Explore to learn

Explore objects of sizes ranging from microscopic to astronomic using your webcam or any external USB imaging device (cameras, document cameras, ...


Pathfinder - LabCamera

Track and detect the unseen paths and patterns of moving objects and beings. Toggle between path and motion density maps to find patterns in seemingly ...


[PDF] Android User manual - LabCamera

The software has currently seven functions all of them are very easy to use. Students can use it in class or even to solve their homework, ...


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